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“People have a need to feel their pain. Very often pain is the beginning of a great deal of awareness. As an energy centre it awakens consciousness.”

A. Mindell

What is Process Work?

Process Work is a comprehensive awareness model with roots in Jungian psychology, Taoist philosophy, communication theory, Indigenous healing traditions, and quantum physics. Its current form draws upon multiple modalities including Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, Somatic work, Expressive Art Therapy, Movement Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Process Work encourages us to explore aspects of ourselves and our environment that we tend to ignore, opening us up to new understandings, opportunities, and experiences. This might happen through our night-time dreams, our body symptoms, our relationship patterns or just those things that catch our eye and create curiosity.

One of the central underpinnings of the model is that the problems and challenges we face, the experiences that disturb us, carry valuable information about ourselves and our communities, and are an invitation to more wholeness if we can be curious enough to explore them.

Process Work is a non-diagnostic approach to healing that supports individuals to resolve whole person issues by acknowledging both the conscious and unconscious experience of the body, mind, and spirit.

The Mind – Process Work incorporates the psychodynamic approach of working with roles or parts, including dream work. It works with the known (primary) and unknown (secondary) parts of identity and explores the edge between the two to develop greater self-awareness and integration.

The Body – Process Work is a somatic approach in that it works with communication signals that appear through movement, posture, experiences/sensations in the body, symptoms, and illnesses.

The Spirit – Process Work is also a transpersonal approach. It understands humans to be curious meaning makers, looking for a way to make sense of their existence beyond their own personal experiences.

The Social Context – Process Work has a sophisticated framework for understanding the dynamics and impact of social oppression and normative pressures on both individuals and communities.

So what does a Process Work session look like?

Each session is led by you as Cath supports you to connect with and follow your unique process.

One session might see a focus on goal setting and problem solving whilst the next might see you exploring a body symptom or dream through movement or art.

You might choose to explore your life myth (using a childhood dream or memory) to gain greater awareness of your patterns of behaviour or narrow the focus to specific techniques to address trauma impacts or relationship challenges.